Who is burton cummings dating

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Canadian singer, award-winning pop-rock singer and star of the film "Melanie." Multi-instrumentalist on piano, flute, organ and violin, he was a founding member of the group "The Guess Who." Link to Wikipedia biography Brian Clark quotes him, B.

Canadian rock star Burton Cummings and his bride, Cheryl De Luca, are showered with confetti after their small, simple wedding yesterday at old city hall.

He states that the song is about the differences between American (US) and Canadian women and his displeasure with US women who "grow up too fast".

An observation he made during the groups first US Tour. Regardless of intent, the lyrics stand and the American Woman is reference to the Statue that represents the US.

Indie rock heroes The Weakerthans new DVD-CD Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre offers a jubilant testament to the Winnipeg band's considerable creative powers as both literary minded songwriters and charismatic live performers.

Founded in 1997 the band has deep roots in the thriving North American indie scene.

He’s also quite the country wide star, with inductions into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame and the Canadian Walk of Fame.

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Cummings is the most recent inductee into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

The band is revered for both their powerfully melodic folk punk sound and the vivid and inspired imagery of the lyrics - their beloved song "Plea from a Cat Named Virtute" is told from the point of view of a depressive's wise and knowing cat.

The live DVD was recorded in April of 2009 as the band toured in support of their triumphant album Reunion Tour with an expanded line-up featuring trumpet, violin and female vocals, playing songs from all four acclaimed releases in front of an adoring and enthusiastic hometown crowd.

Funny, years later, I heard them playing it on a local radio station on a celebration of our 4th of July!

In regard to the claim that American Woman is a "complete ripoff" of Whole Lotta Love: American Woman was recorded in August 1969, 3 months before the release of LZ II, and Whole Lotta Love.

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