We were dating but not sleeping together 100 online dating for christians

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Christien, 31, says that after waiting six months to sleep with her boyfriend, closing the deal was "intense—in a good way." She decided to wait, she says, because "he showed looks like it can go somewhere' potential" and she "could establish a bond with him—both for romance friendship." But waiting hasn't always been Christien's thing.

"Look ahead and think, OK, this feels wonderful, but where will we be tomorrow or the next day? D., Laura's sister and codirector of the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, suggests a practical technique for avoiding impulsive decisions: "In the midst of a potentially risky situation, develop a habit of asking yourself, Do I care if this guy never calls me again?Soon she was falling hard for the guy, but it turned out he wasn't exactly on the same page.When he moved to Texas with barely a goodbye, a confused Lynn wondered, What about us? "It was as if the last few months were one big misunderstanding," she says.These are motives we don't always admit to ourselves, she says.But understanding the deeper reasons we might be jumping into bed too soon can head off unhappy endings.

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