Benjamin bratt dating sandra bullock

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Perhaps he was more than just the latest 'Mr Roberts'. We are meeting in a coffee shop in Chelsea, New York, and I have been told, very strictly by Benjamin Bratt's agent, not to ask him about Roberts. He gave her a Valentine's ring last year; she lost it but, because they are both pretty philosophical souls, she knew it was 'just a possession'. There is something extraordinarily attractive about Benjamin Bratt. He is tall - about 6ft 3in - and he has high cheekbones, dark skin, dark hair and black eyes.

We are to talk, instead, about his new film Miss Congeniality, a romantic comedy in which he stars alongside Sandra Bullock and Michael Caine. And, if one of them has to be away from the other, they nominate a book and then both read it at the same time. Their favourite so far is Captain Corelli's Mandolin, the book Roberts was seen reading in the last scene of Notting Hill. He is wearing very clean jeans and a pristine blue shirt, unbuttoned to reveal a hairless but very worked-out torso.

He is currently one of the main casts of the television series 'Star'.

16, 1963: Born as Benjamin Bratt in San Francisco, California to Eldy and Peter Bratt.

It's just that I really, really wanted to do it and I'm happy that I have.'Bratt is, he says, an optimist. Then in my early thirties, I thought I knew nothing, and now, in my mid-thirties [he is 37], I have come to accept myself for who I am.

You know, when I first started acting it just all fitted in to place.

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I've just finished a film about Miguel Pinero, the Puerto Rican poet and actor, but he could've been played by a white guy.

'At the moment I'm browsing through a collection called Snake in her Mouth.' He is a strange combination of gossipy jokiness and New Age nonsense. Apparently he then fills them up full of stuff and sends them home.'He then tells me a very funny story about a famous Hollywood actor who gets his words wrong all the time but is so powerful, and so self-deluded, that he refuses to accept it. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

He likes to tell stories about how, during breaks on the Miss Congeniality set, he and Michael Caine ('Sir Mike', as he refers to him), would go shopping. Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

However, proud of his roots, he was happy to portray a Tlicho Indian in the film 'The Lesser Blessed'.

He himself is involved in many charitable works to support Native Indian causes such as the American Indian College Fund.

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